The essential companion for enjoying all the benefits of the sun without sacrificing hydrated, protected and nourished hair.


Before, during and after sun exposure, BEACH products provide the perfect summer beauty routine for soft, shiny and healthy hair!

Cotril Beach Hair & Body Shampoo
Cotril Beach Hair & Body Shampoo

Precious nourishing and softening active ingredients

Beach products contain Cocount Essential Oil extremely nourishing, Monoi Essential Oil emollient and protective and Vitamin E, antioxidant. They protect the hair from the stress caused by sun, wind, chlorine and seasalt, preserve the hair color and guarantee a conditioning action.

It is by now a certainty: Beach is the perfect ally for those who love living the long summer days at their fullest without compromise!


Thanks to the iconic solar line signed by Cotril, in fact, it is possible to say goodbye to dry, tangled and undisciplined hair, in order to enjoy the sun without giving up on always hydrated skin and soft, protected hair in every moment of the day.

Cotril Beach Hair & Body Shampoo

Beach products give the perfect summer beauty routine for healthy and bright hair before, during and after sun exposure.


The formulas are dermatologically tested and, thanks to the precious actives contained, respect even the more sensitive skins and guarantee hydrated, protected and conditioned hair.

Cotril Beach Hair & Body Shampoo

The intoxicating Fizzy Fruits fragrance

A fruity and flowery fragrance with notes of grapefruit, pineapple, jasmine flowers, rose and geranium, which gives an enveloping feeling of freshness and wellbeing.

BEACH promotional items


Three exclusive boho chic accessories for a “marine green” touch with a nod to the environment.

Sustainable packaging


Our commitment to the environment continues with a gradual transition to more sustainable packaging and some BEACH line components are made from recycled plastic.



Ricevi IN REGALO l’esclusiva Regeneration Sweet Hair Towel con l’acquisto di Regeneration Shampoo + Regeneration Mask.


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