Cutting-edges formulas with latest generation actives

Hyaluronic acid, proteins derived from quinoa and an oily nectar obtained from raspberry  make a winning combination that: restores hydration of the stem, ensures a softening and emollient action and protects from damages caused by free radicals.


Bakuchiol  is a plumping and elasticizing active, considered as a kind of natural Botox for restoring the stem; fermented rice water has an antioxidant action slowing the ageing of the hair. Formulas are free from SLES and SLS.

The youthfulness that never fades and the beauty to be preserved at any age represent a concept within a beauty world which is constantly evolving.


For this reason, Cotril is relaunching an iconic line, with unparalleled success that today is renewed with cutting-edges formulas, latest generation technologies and innovation, also oriented towards sustainability.

Timeless is the new anti-age line signed by Cotril.


Its aim is to preserve the beauty of hair over time fighting ageing, ensuring deep hydration, incomparable shine and body for a long-lasting cosmetic result.

A unique, embracing fragrance

A flowered bouquet declined around white musk and lily of the valley, cheerful and lively thanks to its unmistakable top notes defined by bergamot and lavender. The orange flowers ensure a unique presence, while the soft touch of jasmine gives an infinite sensual memory.



This new line is made, where possible, with sustainable packaging thanks to the use of green plastic I’m greenTM bio-based di Braskem from sugar cane and recycled PP to stay in an environmental sustainability perspective.



Timeless line gives the client the opportunity to live a complete beauty experience with not only hair products. Cotril thermal youth water for face and body, super hydrating and refreshing, and the eye patches for a radiant look are the main characters of this new experience.