Make your color live forever

Hair color is the beating heart of the brand. It reinvents and renews itself season after season, fulfilling a main role in the beauty dimension of every woman.
Its brightness, duration and protection are the ingredients of a glamour recipe that distinguishes everyone’s beauty.

Every hair color is unique and requires the constant seeking of a harmony to keep.
Cotril presents a new ally: a treatment that allows to have bright and shiny colored hair, with a long-lasting supreme look.

Colorlife is the new line for colored hair.
Its aim is to preserve the color over time, keeping it bright and protecting it from external agents and events that might threaten it.
Color fading, UVA and UVB rays are factors that
most of all might damage the beauty of a just applied color.

Thanks to the precious actives that enrich the formulas, Colorlife products preserve the beauty of hair from dehydration caused by constant use of hairdryer and the brightness of color obtained with innovative technical services such as Sombras and freehand bleaching techniques.

The innovation of the formulas, with functional and original actives, have allowed the evolution of a historical line that has renewed itself with even more qualitative performances.

Other than protection and brightness of color, the Colorlife products guarantee the protection of hair from heat sources and prevent dehydration of the stem caused by technical services.

The actives


Revolutionary blend developed in cooperation with Biohense laboratory that, in synergy with Bearberry extract, helps preventing the undesired color fading effect, prolonging the brightness of color thanks to the protective film that gently envelops the hair.
It gives body and volume to the hair and, thanks to its waterproof action, improves resistance to humidity reducing frizzy effect.


Botanical extra virgin oil, cold pressed 100% natural, source of proteins, omega 3 and omega 6 and iron, essential elements for a healthy hair growth. It prevents color fading and protects hair brightness.


It boasts regenerating and reconstructive properties, conducting a repairing action thanks to high omega 6 content. Calming and soothing, it is renowned for its beneficial and nourishing action.


The special polymer inside Colorlife Leave-in formula, guarantees an exceptional protection from damages caused by heat of styling tools that work at high temperatures. It ensures a better combability, nurturing strength and energy other than styling endurance.


The unique Cotril fragrances have made of exceptional ingredients their signature.

Colorlife distinguishes itself for its fruity notes, characterized by raspberry and orange, that intertwine harmoniously with sweeter notes of caramel and strawberry, and flowery scents thanks to the presence of gardenia, rose and musk.

An enveloping and delicate fragrance, that persists on hair.


Colorlife continues Cotril’s commitment towards environment using “green” plastic.
The bottles of shampoo and mask in salon size and the 200 ml mask tube are made of I’m greenTM bio-based by Braskem, a new plastic derived from sugar cane.
The Leave-in and Gleaming Potion bottles are made of PET plastic 100% recyclable.
The labels applied on I’m greenTM bottles are realized in PP 100% recycled.


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