Technical Products

Cotril technical products allow you to get the best out of coloring and protect your skin during technical services. In the range you can find oxidizers, preparatory and sealing shampoo, stain barrier cream and skin stain remover.


Multifunctional leave-in


pH equalizer and detangler

K-Plex Gold Bond Enhancer

Blend with treatment

Sealer Mist

Color Sealant

K-Plex Bond Refiner

At the end of the technical treatment

Sealer Shampoo

Sealing shampoo after color


Cosmetic oxidant cream

Barrier Cream

Anti-stain barrier cream

Stain Remover

Skin stain remover

Preparing Shampoo

Pre-color preparatory shampoo

Glow Zero Activators

Perfume-free oxidizing emulsion