Assemble, enhance, improve.

Cotril training aims to create a spirit of belonging by bringing participants together and encouraging discussion, enhancing individual and team abilities and improving performance, therefore generating an increase in brand productivity and recognisability.

The importance of training

Professionalism, competence, know-how and constant refresher courses are the hallmarks of Cotril training.

Training means facing the challenge of change by continuing to develop new skills that will make you stand out on the market, while never neglecting creativity, and offering complete techniques and services that can be immediately replicated in the salon.

Training with us means feeling a sense of belonging to the style and ideas of the Cotril world, improving and working in a clear and precise way to become the very best professionals.

The training plan


A transversal proposal makes this training suitable for any professional figure in the salon: junior resources, collaborators with varying experience and owners.
The courses are dedicated to all areas of interest: the world of colour, care, styling and technical products.


In addition to the more technical and styling courses, the professional training programme includes courses on personal and emotional growth: meeting with reference figures and leaders will inspire and transmit the right tips for becoming successful entrepreneurs.


The in-person Education plan is completed with the Cotril Channel online training, a platform providing numerous videos dedicated to products, techniques, style, marketing and communication activities.

Complete training


Learn about new fashion trends with the Cotril Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections.


In-depth study of Cotril colours, characteristics and techniques.


Enhance shape and volume by learning stylistic and creative techniques.

Special Project

Specialisation programmes to become part of the Cotril training team.


The correct use of Cotril hair care products to get the maximum benefits from their properties.


The value of communication in emotional selling and the promotion of services, in-salon and online.

Cotril Channel

Cotril Channel Cotril Channel is the online e-learning platform for hairdressers that gives all professionals the opportunity for excellent independent training, creating a personalised course, based on their skills and needs.

Icy Blond

Discover the brand new ICY BLOND line, which goes beyond the traditional concept of “no-yellow” to offer complete care for blonde, bleached or grey hair.


Discover the brand new K-Smooth line, the revolutionary smoothing and taming treatment by Cotril!

Bleaching System

Discover the features of our new Cotril bleaches: Blue Diamond, Sombras and Zero.


From theory to practice in the COTRIL colour world.
Discover the revolutionary colour system which, thanks to its innovative formulation, offers unprecedented results.

Henné Ritual

Discover Cotril Henné with Stefano Bonomi: the line that combines colouring with treatment for a hair care philosophy that puts the client at the centre of an all-round sensory experience.

Glow One

Discover GLOW ONE, the new Cotril permanent colour and addition to the revolutionary Glow Color System, which will allow you to create new colour services and personalised effects to offer your customer a unique experience.

Business & Marketing 3.0

Management course for learning and, above all, immediately applying the most effective salon control, analysis and management techniques and strategies, that is, the fundamentals for correct management of your company.

Business & Marketing 2.0

Applied communication strategy course. Learn to manage emotions and wellbeing to overcome Objections and persuade through senses.

1° level Marketing Management and Communication

The evolution of the hairdresser from craftsman to entrepreneur.
Basic notions and concepts of marketing, management and communication, for hairdressers 3.0 who know that hands are no longer enough!

SS 2023

Blast Collection


Blast collection is an explosion of provocative, violent, occasionally romantic but always sharp energy.
The new SS23 Cotril Collection is inspired by the world of Japanese Manga comics and their Anime.
A collection that stirs up hype among the younger audience and arouses interest and curiosity among adults.

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