Cool Brunette

Taking care of hair and its color has always been one of the most important missions for Cotril.

For this reason, after the line dedicated to cosmetic color maintenance and the one for the specific care of blond, bleached and gray hair, here is that the treatment range expands, addressing brown hair.

In fact, they too, between frequent washings, color services or bleaching, styling daily and pollutants, tend to fade, revealing pigments that cause undesirable warm orange coppery highlights.



Thus was born COOL BRUNETTE, the line that cares for brown hair thanks to innovative formulas made with a special blue pigment, which makes it possible to neutralize warm orange/copper highlights on colored and natural hair, ensuring an extremely bright, cool-tasting result.


The products deposit specific pigment on the hair that counteracts warm highlights, giving balanced, luminous color and preserving the vibrant, multidimensional look of brunette hair.

Cotril Cool Brunette anti-orange mask for brown hair

the valuable assets

Formulas are vegan, without SLES, SLS, silicones and parabens, for extra gentle action. Specific active ingredients help strengthen hair while keeping it healthy and shiny.



Date Extract and Poppy Seed Oil have nourishing and conditioning properties, make textures soft and silky and have emollient and soothing action on the scalp and hair.

Grapefruit Extract provides antioxidant, energizing and moisturizing properties, and Vitamins E and B5 are emollient and humectant, helping to combat dry hair.

Cotril Cool Brunette anti-orange mask for brown hair

Thanks to its references, it allows for different types of services depending on the specific need of the hair.



The treatment includes two specific technical references that contain the blue pigment in higher amounts to achieve immediate anti-orange action and neutralize unwanted highlights, enhancing and enhancing the cool tones of brown hair.


The two resale-format treating references contain the blue pigment in lighter amounts to neutralize orange/copper tones while respecting the hue of all brown types and thus maintaining an extremely natural taste.




after the in-salon color service to prolong the results obtained and keep the cool, bright brown tones longer; but also to care for natural brown, which is still subject to external agents and daily cleansing and styling . The light blue pigment is perfect for controlling and counteracting orange highlights while maintaining the naturalness of one's color.

Cotril Cool Brunette anti-orange mask for brown hair
Cotril Cool Brunette anti-orange mask for brown hair

A fragrance with unmistakable fruity notes with a sweet, woody trail that leaves a lingering, enveloping fragrance on the hair.

Cool Brunette

Cool Brunette anti-orange shampoo for brown hair

Anti-orange shampoo for brown hair


Cool Brunette Intense anti-orange Shampoo for brown hair

Intense anti-orange shampoo for brown hair

Cool Brunette intense anti-orange Mask for brown hair

Intense anti-orange mask for brown hair

Cool Brunette anti-orange mask for brown hair

Anti-orange mask for brown hair


Sustainable packaging

Cotril continues its commitment to the environment with the Cool Brunette line. The bottles and tube are made of Braskem's I'm green bio-based™, a new plastic derived from sugar cane. The applied labels are made of recycled PP.