State-of-the-art formulas and innovative technology

The latest-generation formulas in the Colorlife line contain an extraordinary active ingredient that, in synergy with Bearberry extract, helps prevent the unwanted phenomenon of color fading by prolonging color brilliance for a long time thanks to the protective film that gently envelops the hair.


The formulas are enriched with Oil extracted from Chia seeds that prevents color fading while protecting its luster after technical services and Kukui Oil that boasts regenerating and restructuring properties by performing a repairing action as well as soothing and calming.


A SPECIAL PROTECTIVE POLYMER embedded in Colorlife Leave-in provides exceptional protection from heat damage from tools at styling that work at very high temperatures.

It is the love of color that inspires the new launch signed Cotril.

Hair color is the beating heart of the brand.

Its shine, durability and protection are the ingredients of a glamorous recipe that aims to sublimate beauty every day.


Each hair color is unique and requires the constant search for harmony to maintain.

A real artistic work that Cotril carries on by presenting today a new beauty ally: a treatment to have colored and preserved hair by the supreme effect for a long time.

Nowadays, the latest generation pigments that enrich the formulas of the noblest colors are brilliant and allow maximum emphasis on highlights and color chromaticity, but at the same time they are photosensitive.

Their richness should be preserved by adapting the cleansing system with targeted formulas, innovative technology and specific actives.

Cotril responds effectively to these needs thanks to the valuable active ingredients that enrich the formulas Colorlife and preserve the beauty of hair from dehydration due to constant use of the hair dryer and the brilliance of colors obtained with innovative technical services such as sombras, freehand bleaching techniques.

Fragrance, a tradition of excellence

Cotril's inimitable scents have made exceptional ingredients the hallmark of their fragrances.

Colorlife is distinguished by its fruity notes of Raspberry and Orange that intersect with sweet, floral notes of Caramel and Gardenia.


Colorlife Gleaming potion for colored hair

Shine treatment for colored hair


Colorlife Protective shampoo for colored hair

Protective and brightening shampoo for colored hair


Colorlife Protective leave-in for colored hair

Protective and brightening leave-in for color-treated hair


Colorlife Protective mask for colored hair

Protective and brightening mask for colored hair



Cotril Make up extends its range with The essentials kit .

The jewel make up signed Cotril to have manicured hands with style and elegance.

References for a unique and essential kit: Base & Top Coat - Scarlet - Queen.

Formulas developed with more than 80 percent naturally derived ingredients.

Perfect coverage and brilliant colors for more than 5 days. Resins and solvents have been replaced by raw materials of natural origin.

Sustainable packaging

The salon shampoo and mask bottles and the 200 ml mask tube are made of Braskem's I'm greenTM bio-based plastic derived from sugar cane.

The Leave-in and Gleaming Potion bottles are made of 100% recyclable PET plastic.

The labels applied to the I'm greenTM bottles are made of 100% recycled PP.