All colors

Cotril's wide range of professional dyes and colorations meets every need and allows any color service to be carried out with ease and excellent results, preserving the health and beauty of the hair.

Henna Conditioner

Gentle balm


Relaxation Oil

Balsamic oil for henna ritual

Energy Oil

Vitamin oil for henna ritual

Henna Powders

The new 100% vegan natural coloring

Glow Blast

Direct pigment coloring, ready to use

Glow Gentle Preparing Solution

Glow Gentle preparing solution

Glow Gentle Hair Gloss

Glow gentle hair gloss

Glow Gel

Gentle demi-permanent coloring 1:1

Glow Zero

Ammonia-free permanent coloring

Glow One

Permanent coloring with a balanced ammonia content