In 2021, Cotril celebrated 50 years of history and it is the story of a company 100% Made in Italy, deeply linked to Milan, the city of glamour, of fashion and of luxury.

The unique and exclusive luxury positioning has made Cotril a worldwide excellence among hair care manufacturers, an international benchmark for the world of coloring, styling and treatments.

Passion, creativity, luxury and innovation

Cotril is glamorous.

Cotril is passion.

Cotril is style.

Cotril is color.

Cotril is refinement.

Thanks to the sophistication and quality of its products, Cotril has in just a few years become one of the most beloved brands used on movie sets, in showbiz dressing rooms, and backstage fashion.

Premium quality and luxury Made in Italy

It is the outcome of a journey marked by a very strong commitment to Research and Development, in formulations, in the choice of packaging and fragrances, but also a commitment at the level of investment in technologies, machinery and know-how.

Coloring: innovative lines to achieve infinite color results.

Texture: waves and perfect smooth, professional hair texturizing products.

Treatments: innovative formulas for hair beauty and health.

Styling: styling products and effective, high-performance finishing to create creative and glamorous looks.

Technicians: specific products to execute, control and enhance each stage of technical service.

A unique and exclusive style

Cotril's image is recognizable and sophisticated, studied down to the smallest detail.
The communicative soul finds maximum expression on the red carpets and catwalks of the Venice Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival, of the Sanremo Festival and the world's most famous fashion weeks, where Cotril curates the looks of internationally renowned stars.

Cotril Forest and Sustainable Packaging

From the collaboration with Treedom Cotril Forest was born: a thousand forest and fruit trees capable, not only of absorbingCO2, but also of conserving the biodiversity of the environment and ensuring a source of income for local communities.


Environmental sustainability is an important item on the Cotril agenda, and the introduction of packaging made from I'm greenTM bio-based plastic derived from sugar cane, goes in this direction.

Cotril for Social

Cotril has always been on the side of women and in support of important social initiatives, throughout Italy.
Over the years it has wholeheartedly supported a series of charity projects for concrete help to women victims of discrimination and violence, to adolescents with eating disorders up to the support, in the Covid period, of the local Civil Defense.


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