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BESPOKE CREATIVITY was created to respond concretely to the needs of professionals and clients and to be able to offer increasingly PERSONALIZED services.


Each person is unique starting from physical characteristics, through hair color, eye color, and complexion, to their personality, the way they dress and wear garments and jewelry, makeup, and perfume.


Even in creating a color, the hairstylist succeeds, through the palettes he has at his disposal, in creating a harmony of appropriate shades for his client, enhancing her character, personality and lifestyle.


From the idea of uniqueness come the looks dedicated to the upcoming Spring/Summer 2024, which are extremely customizable and tailor-made.


Protagonists will be warm nuances, to create delicate plays of light aimed at enhancing the hair, without distorting it.


Naturalness, softness and shine are the key words of this season's looks.


Much like a California sun-kissed hair, blond is achieved through light shades shaded with golden and pearly highlights that impart softness and luminosity. Pearly highlights add depth and create a three-dimensional effect. The cut blends naturally with the color for an illuminating, wrap-around look, all blending harmoniously for a natural, modern look.

Create the look with

Glow Gel

Gentle demi-permanent coloring 1:1

Hydra Mousse

Moisturizing, antioxidant and conditioning mousse



This look features extreme enhancement of the naturalness of the hair with rich highlights that give an extremely glowy and radiant effect to the hair. The technique includes shades that add depth and dimension to the hair, creating glowy and luminous highlights and highlights. The texture of the hair is kept soft and luminous.

Create the look with

Splash - limited edition

Light volumizing spray


Glow Gel

Gentle demi-permanent coloring 1:1


This look also takes inspiration from trend colors. The natural, golden base lends intensity, then creating a more multifaceted color effect with the copper of the lengths. These shades wrap the hair with depth creating a bold and alluring look. Golden and pearly highlights add light and movement. The bob cut perfectly embodies the vibrancy of the look by going to frame the face and giving sensuality.

Create the look with

Colorlife Gleaming potion for colored hair

Shine treatment for colored hair


Glow One

Permanent coloring with a balanced ammonia content


The main model is a short, bold pixie cut, featuring locks that fit different face shapes, making it an extremely customizable look with various lengths and styles. The somewhat jaunty styling gives a fresh and modern yet sophisticated look.

Create the look with


Spray effect beach waves



Glossy finish aqueous wax


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