The new anti-age era

The youthfulness that never fades and the beauty to be preserved at any age represent a concept within a beauty world which is constantly evolving. 

So anti-age becomes age-support.

The new Timeless line responds to current trends in a world oriented towards sustainability and environmental awareness.

With Timeless, the hair is plumped and full-bodied.

The health of the hair is visibly improved.
The line also guarantees an extraordinary mirror effect that gives incredible shine and cosmeticity, enhancing the beauty of natural and coloured hair.

Timeless ensures an extraordinary glossy effect while preserving the health of the hair from thermal shock.

The precious active ingredients


It is the real actual trend in anti-ageing skincare. It is the extract of the plant Psoralea Corylifolia and is considered a kind of natural botox for its antioxidant and regenerative qualities. It is the proven plant alternative to collagen.


It contains B and E vitamins, minerals, folic acid and various nutrients. It has a high concentration of antioxidant substances, including inositol, an essential nutrient for the body. It is therefore able to slow down cellular ageing and acts on the hair from the inside, eliminating the dry and frizzy effect.


Cotril’s R&D laboratory has created a fragrance which can be associated to a “haute parfumerie” fragrance.

A flowery bouquet, declined around white musk and lily of the valley notes, cheerful and lively thanks to its unmistakable top notes characterised by bergamot and lavender. Orange blossom provides a unique presence, while the soft touch of jasmine lends an infinitely sensual memory.

Timeless fragrance distinctively distinguishes the line and is a memorable and ultra-refined plus. It persists on the hair and gives a unique and unmistakable touch.


This new line is made with sustainable packaging thanks to the use of ‘green’ plastic derived from sugar cane and the use of recycled PP.

The tubes and most of the bottles are made of Braskem’s bio-based I’m greenTM, a new plastic derived from sugar cane.

The labels on the I’m greenTM bottles are made of 100% recycled PP.

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